The Boeing Company - KSC - Dan Tambert - Senior Manager for Electrical & Avionics Engineering

One of the talented engineers who is committing his time and engineering expertise to the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program is Dan Tambert, a 15-year veteran and Senior Manager of Electrical and Avionics Engineering with The Boeing Company.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida, Tambert went on to the University of Central Florida earning a master’s degree in computer engineering.

In 1989, Tambert was hired by Boeing to work at its Kennedy Space Center location where he specialized in electrical engineering to support the design of ground-support equipment. “We work on anything that tests, supports or services the space station elements,” Tambert explains

The Boeing Company has kept Tambert busy with many exciting assignments including those that he completed as a Space Alliance engineer for SATOP. Tambert’s most interesting Request for Technical Assistance (RTA) for SATOP required that he use his engineering expertise to construct a miniature electrical circuit to control a boat lift motor.

“I really like the variety that being a Space Alliance Partner engineer adds to my work day,” said Tambert. “SATOP projects give me an opportunity to look at something differently and apply my engineering knowledge to find a solution. The diversity of the projects also enhances my daily routine by giving me other unique and exciting things to work on.”

Engineers like Dan Tambert make SATOP the beneficial program that it is. They are more than just the men and women who design insulating material for the space shuttle or build rockets that can land on the moon, they are generous and hard-working individuals with an appreciation and desire for finding solutions to help speed our world’s technical age.

One on One with Dan Tambert, Boeing engineer and SATOP volunteer:

First job: “Ticket Taker Host” at Walt Disney World.

What job he would have had if not an engineer: “Inventor - I enjoy listening to people’s technical problems and finding ways to implement them.”

Most admired historical figure: “Thomas Edison, because I admire his perseverance, his innovation and his methods of reasoning.”

Engineering project he wished he could have worked on: “The Apollo mission to the moon. I enjoy talking with the engineers who worked on this monumental program. Just listening to them describe their own sensations at the sound of the Saturn 5 rocket liftoff gives me goose bumps.”

When he isn’t in the office: Enjoys outdoor activities such as running, camping and traveling.