Upon completion of renovations to his sawmill in Owego, NY, Les Wagner discovered that the new walls and ceiling drastically increased noise levels, thereby jeopardizing the comfort and health of his employees.

After assessing the situation, OSHEX/Environmental Safety Associates (ESA) solved the problem by treating the environment, making it possible for the mill employees to work in healthy, productive surroundings. Now, ESA will have the opportunity to help many other small businesses at no charge.

ESA, a consulting firm in the fields of noise measurement and control and machine and facility safety, has agreed to join the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) as a Bronze Alliance Partner, which means the company will donate up to 250 man hours during the span of the agreement. ESA is an independent affiliate of OSHEX Associates, Inc.

SATOP’s Space Alliance Partners, including OSHEX/ESA, have committed to help the program by contributing their time to small businesses in need of technical assistance.

“One of our tenets is that by working with people to solve problems and sharing our experiences with others, we will help build a better economy for all,” said Robert Andres, CEO of OSHEX/ESA. “SATOP is one avenue to accomplish this.”

Established in 1981, ESA boasts a worldwide client base. The company’s client firms number over 200, and include virtually every Fortune 500 company in New York. ESA engineers specialize in machine and plant safety, and architectural, industrial and community noise measurement and control.

In the community noise arena, ESA provides litigation support, arbitration and assistance in the preparation of fair and effective noise legislation, and participates in the training of enforcement personnel.

In recent years, the scope of ESA’s safety operation has expanded to include complete facility safety assessments for compliance to OSHA Section 1910 requirements, machine safety assessments for practical compliance and safe machine operations, and task-based risk assessment and reduction within the guidelines of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) voluntary guideline B11.TR3. OSHEX/ESA Consulting Services help make it possible for the guidelines to actually be applied in the workplace.

Noise measurement and reduction services include architectural, industrial, office and community noise assessments and development of recommendations for abatement. Industrial noise services include spot and detailed noise surveys for OSHA compliance, sound dosimetry, octave band analysis and recommendations for engineered noise control solutions. Product development services include assistance to product designers on issues of safety and noise control, including task-based risk assessment.

Furthermore, ESA’s approach to safety is one of risk assessment which incorporates a combined analysis not only of hazard identification, but also of exposure to that hazard. The company aims to provide organizations with advice and instruction that is practical and applicable to real world circumstances.

By partnering with SATOP, ESA’s knowledgeable engineers will be available to provide assistance to small business owners in the area. This collaboration saves businesses time and money that would be needed to train their own employees, as well as fulfills SATOP’s mission to spread knowledge of the technological aspects of the space industry.

“With a solid base in noise measurement and control, we are confident that ESA will provide tremendous expertise to an assortment of small businesses with technical problems,” said Ryan McLaughlin, SATOP – New York Engineering Manager.

According to Andres, ESA also benefits from a partnership with SATOP: “Beyond offering our advice to others, we gain as well from the interchange of ideas.”